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People in Their 20s Want to Look Good

You want to turn heads in every room and have others go wow! And you want to do this without having to think of the gym and about dieting 24×7. I get that.

This is why I tailor my programs for your life circumstances. No more frustration from aimless training routines. My goal is simple. To build you a body that oozes confidence both in and out of clothes.

Podcast and Blog

“How do I trust you to know what you are talking about?” I host the top fitness podcast in India that focuses on aesthetic physique development. It averages over 500 listens per episode across platforms. My blog carries the most comprehensive articles on physical training and nutrition.

Check them out to gain actionable knowledge on optimising your training and diet.

The Perfect Body Program

Let me take care of the planning and tweaking, while you focus on the execution. I’ll design your program to build muscle in the right places to maximise your proportions. I’ll equip you with dieting tools that will keep you beachbody-lean year round.

You wouldn’t have to worry about accountability because I’ll be there to keep a check on you. If there is an efficient way to shape your physique in the most stress-free manner, this is it.

workday physique by ajitesh gogoi


I created Workday Physique to help people in their 20s build stunning bodies. I use methods backed by the latest evidence in exercise science and nutrition. This lets me get you to your peak aesthetic self in the most efficient manner.

My system is for you if you want to build a body that demands attention wherever you go. I want you to look good in and out of clothes. And I want you to be able to do this 24×7, year round.

The easiest way for you to get started is by downloading my free training program.

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“Ajitesh, which food scale do you use?” “How do you record your workouts?” “Where can I buy the watch you track rest-periods with?” Relax.

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