I Have Lost 5 Kgs So Far And Seen Drastic Changes In My Energy Levels. This Has Helped Me Stay Motivated.

I wanted to lose weight and have a healthy body in order to carry myself with confidence.

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone but my love for food was pulling me back from achieving my goals.

The work-from-home situation had worsened my procrastination. I had to do something about this.

I now understand the importance of protein intake for weight loss. I have become more enthusiastic about reaching my step count per day.

I have lost 5 kgs so far and seen drastic changes in my energy levels. This has helped me stay motivated and enjoy the process.

The constant reminders, motivation and support throughout the coaching period were crucial to move me towards my goal.

Priyanka Kalita

Priyanka Kalita

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A Good Posture, Preliminary Muscular Definition & Better Understanding About My Own Body.

With a weak lower back threatening more aches, I turned to Workday Physique before it was too late. I didn’t have any body goals then except to just start somewhere.

The coaching was tailored to my needs, weaknesses and goals.

About half a year in, I’m happy where I’m at— a good posture, preliminary muscular definition and better understanding about my own body are things I’d count as positives.

More than anything, I actually do have some body goals for myself now that I know what’s possible.

Rishiraj Bhagawati Portrait Shot

Rishiraj Bhagawati

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weight loss online consultation testimonial
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I Reached My First Goal Of Shedding 6 Kilos, And Am Looking Forward To Getting Fitter And Stronger.

I desperately wanted to be fit and active, but I wasn’t able to stick to goals that I’d set for myself – like cutting out sugar/sweet food, staying away from fried/junk food, etc.

It was a frustrating cycle of wanting to lose weight, but going back to unhealthy eating habits.

Coaching helped me identify my problem areas and find sustainable ways to deal with them.

There were moments when I doubted myself, but it really helped to have someone hold me accountable, and keep pushing me to do better.

I went from walking 200 steps to 9000 steps per day. Being able to walk 9000 steps on a regular day was unimaginable for someone like me who has mostly been sedentary for a very long time.

I do not feel the need to binge eat anymore. I have better control over my cravings.

I have been eating healthy, and staying active, and I haven’t felt this good in years!

I also reached my first goal of shedding 6 kilos, and am looking forward to getting fitter and stronger.

I am not an easy person to work with when it comes to food and losing weight. The coaching has been highly effective in keeping me motivated and consistent.

Kasturi Das front portrait

Kasturi Das

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I No Longer Restrict Myself From What I Eat. And Understand How Food Affects My Body.

Being always on the move, it used to be difficult for me to make time for workouts and my diet.

I wanted to put on lean muscle and to work on my fitness. I needed some legit guidance.

With both work and travel taking me to remote locations every few weeks. It has been great to find a system that lets me nail my nutrition under not-so-ideal conditions.

I don’t restrict myself from what I eat anymore. But I am now conscious of what I consume. And how food affects my body.

The constant push to perform more on a daily basis has made it possible to ease into these lifestyle changes.

dikshit sharma

Dikshit Sharma

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I’ve Lost A Couple Of Pounds Since I Joined The Program. I Have A Lot More Energy During The Day!

I had always been able to lose weight and reach my goal weight with exercise. But every time I went back to work or my life got busy, I’d gain all the weight back.

This endless loop of gaining and losing frustrated me.

I had reduced my food intake in the hopes of a calorie deficit, but the plan used to crash every time I was in a high stress condition.

Additionally, I felt a lot of guilt when I indulged in any high calorie food. On one hand I enjoyed the food but on the other I couldn’t forgive myself.

During the coaching I didn’t have to think much about the type of food I needed to plan for. I only had to aim for my protein and calorie goal and stick to it.

I stopped feeling guilty about not working out, and started focusing solely on increasing my steps and setting smaller goals. Now that I’ve a number of tools to keep track of my daily activities, it’s all part of my routine without much effort.

It gives me a sense of achievement at the end of the day when I tick off all my tasks.

I’ve lost a couple of pounds since I joined the program, and I’m happy with the development. I have a lot more energy during the day! I used to feel quite fatigued before changing my diet.

The best part of the coaching is the 1-on-1 conversations. There’s someone for you asking the right questions and helping you work through every hurdle.

It takes a lot of effort to build habits and for me, talking it out was the best way to resolve my problems.

Someone telling me that the small things I did during the day were enough and that I don’t need to stress about a big workout made me want to stay on the path every day.

The process of losing weight while working alongside on my anxiety/stress worked well for me.

Woman Wearing a Pink Tee Sitting on Grass and Smiling

Namrata Deka

It Felt So Easy— This Was Like A Cheat Code I Didn’t Know Existed.

The main issue for me was not having enough discipline. I thought I was eating healthy but it was surprising how easily small snacks between meals can add up.

Jotting down my food intake made me more aware of what I was eating. It felt really good seeing the weighing scale drop from 105 kgs to 98 kgs.

My hunger levels are much more regulated now and I don’t have cravings like I did before.

It was magical how just increasing my daily movement and step count accelerated progress. It felt so easy— this was like a cheat code I didn’t know existed.

The constant daily monitoring has helped me the most in sticking to my targets. Knowing that I’m accountable to someone and having that thought always in the back of my mind provides the extra push I need.

Kaivalya Shah

Kaivalya Shah

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