The Perfect Body Program

The ultimate framework to melt bodyfat, build lean muscle and maximise bodily aesthetics.

My name is Ajitesh Gogoi and I have one simple goal—

To help people in their 20s build their ideal body…and skyrocket their confidence.

My coaching protocols follow the latest evidence in exercise science and nutrition. This lets me take you to your peak physique in the most efficient manner.

Why should you care about having a stunning physique?

perfect body program ajitesh gogoi

The world is an unfair place

Society puts attractive people on a pedestal. This is due to a cognitive bias called the halo effect. There is nothing you can do about it.

People with beautiful faces and bodies sail through life in easy mode. They have access to greater career opportunities, bag the hottest dates and have higher value in social situations.

You have the power to unlock this potential and experience confidence like never before.

Once you achieve an ideal body, you will command authority, respect and power. You will exude magnetic attraction in any room you enter. This feeling is surreal.

Here is what you get with The Perfect Body Program

You receive a training program customised for your body and lifestyle. I guide you throughout your journey and take care of all variables to get you the best results.

The program includes:

  • A personalised weight-training plan, to bring up your weak body parts and maximise your physical proportions
  • Premium educational videos that teach you the exact system I use to stay in great shape year-round
  • An enjoyable dieting framework that lets you eat all your favourite foods
  • 24×7 support via text, and weekly video check-ins for accountability
  • Exercise execution and form assessments to ensure that all your efforts lead to measurable results
  • Access to exclusive channels in my Discord community with like-minded driven men and women
perfect body program money back guarantee

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