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From the Workday Physique™ podcast, these episodes weave a narrative journey about people who decided to take control of their bodies— the growth and mindset shifts they’ve experienced through the process.

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Breaking Through Psychological Barriers: with Sourav Tiwary

sourav tiwary headshot on podcast cover

Sourav Tiwary went from obese kid to runner and long-distance cyclist while losing over 60 kgs. All of this while he works in a high performance job and runs a community for people on similar weight loss journeys.

In this episode, he shares his learnings about how he managed to overcome his psychological barriers to experience growth.


  • Share your goals with the people in your life so they can support you better.
  • Before you start your weight loss journey, dig deep and find your why. Create a vision for your dream outcome.
  • Diet and nutrition matters most when it comes to achieving sustainable weight loss results.

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Recreating Your Body, Mind and Soul: with Caitlin Maher

Caitlin Maher Podcast Episode cover

Caitlin Maher has managed to lose over 130 lbs through a sustainable body, mind and soul approach. She talks about her journey and the lessons she has learnt through the process.


  • Find foods you enjoy and foods which nourish your body.
  • Community and support are important part of a successful weight loss journey.
  • Developing mindfulness around one’s emotions and coping mechanisms is key, when it comes to dealing with unhealthy eating behaviours.

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Overcoming Obesity and Bulimia: with Vince Malaney

vince malaney podcast cover

Vince Malaney is in his late 30s and in the best shape of his life. He shares his battle with obesity and an eating disorder. And how his family played a major role in helping him overcome setbacks.


  • Seek support from the people around you.
  • It’s never too late to make a change. Age is just a number.
  • You just have to start if you want to get somewhere.

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Explore Your Potential: with Zaheen Khan

zaheen khan podcast episode cover

Zaheen Khan shares her journey of losing 42 kgs and her learnings along the way.


  • Using intrinsic motivation to move towards change
  • Coping with discouragement from loved ones
  • Getting over limiting beliefs to achieve success

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