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A 30-minute strategy call worth ₹2599 absolutely free!


My name is Ajitesh Gogoi and I have one simple goal:

To help people in their 20s build their ideal body…and skyrocket their confidence.

My coaching protocols follow the latest evidence in exercise science and nutrition. This lets me take you to your peak physique in the most efficient manner.

Why should you care about having a stunning physique?

The world is an unfair place

Society puts attractive people on a pedestal. This is due to a cognitive bias called the halo effect. There is nothing you can do about it.

People with beautiful faces and bodies sail through life in easy mode. They have access to greater career opportunities, bag the hottest dates and have higher value in social situations.

You have the power to unlock this potential and experience confidence like never before.

Once you achieve an ideal body, you will command authority, respect and power. You will exude magnetic attraction in any room you enter. This feeling is surreal.

The problem with the fitness industry

Most fitness programs are developed by bodybuilders. Their physiques are unattractive to everyone else. It is just too much.

You want to turn heads in every room and have others go wow! Doing this requires an understanding of how attraction works.

I have refined my system over the years to focus solely on one goal: to build a body that is most attractive. In other words— The Perfect Body.

And for this I use the Grecian Ideal. The parameter used by Greek sculptors to shape the most aesthetic human forms. Hence the popular term Greek God.

Grecian Ideal

You need a proven framework

If your goal is to look as attractive as possible, you can’t follow programs designed for general fat loss and expect to get stellar results.

You can’t train using mindless bodybuilding routines hoping that somehow you’ll end up with ideal proportions.

You need a perfect system whose sole purpose is to optimise your physique for aesthetics. And this is what I have spent over the past 8 years of my training-life learning and formulating.

You have the capability to shape your most aesthetic body

I have an entire coaching system to get you the same results that I have been able to achieve with my own body.

But I know you may not be ready for a coaching protocol yet.

This is why I am offering a strategy session to you. There are limited slots because there are only so many people I can service free of cost.

I want you to make the most out of this so that you are no longer stuck in an unattractive body.

You have the power to make a change. And I am willing to help you.

Help me help you

I want you to have the most attractive physique in any social situation. I want you to experience extreme confidence both in and out of clothes.

And I want you to feel so good in your own skin that you don’t need to go seeking external validation for it.

These 30 minutes will be the most value-packed moments of your day. You will leave the call with all the answers to your most burning questions on bodily aesthetics, exercise and nutrition.

And don’t forget. This is what everyone else has to pay ₹2599 for.

My only question is. Will you hit the damn button?